I’ve been kinda busy between catching up on commissions, and being hand-tied by anxiety of catching up on commissions, and thus falling a little behind because I may have bitten off a little more than I could chew at the time. However, that said, I’m getting shit done, and I wanted to say Thank You Tumblr! Thank you to all the people I follow, and all the people that follow me. Thank you for posting all your images, illustrations, gifs, photographs, social-giving-a-shit-about-people posts that inspire me, make me cry, and make me laugh. Thank you. I needed the kick-in-the-pants inspiration.  

surprisinglyobvious asked:

could you help me with drawing horns omfg. links to tutorials or anything? ? ? it's the perspective of them and how to show them at different angles and hfkdjshk

Absolutely! Basically, you need to understand the underlying structure—its origin and how the horns connect to the skull. I always line up where the horn protrude from the skull. After that, I kinda wing it based on the shape that I want, keeping in mind the angle of the head. If you’d like, go ahead and send me a sketch and I’ll do a draw-over with notes for you to help you more specifically.